Saturday, April 26, 2008

`scary story'

There was once a British traveller who heard about a great white monkey which could be found in a small village in Thailand. Since it is an extraordinary if one could find a white monkey, he decided to see it all by himself. From his hotel, he took a taxi to go to the village. When he was in the taxi, he asked the taxi driver whether he has ever heard about the great white monkey. The taxi driver just remain silent. However, he just warned the traveller by saying "Do not touch the great white monkey". When he finally reached the village, he asked a villager, a lady, about the way to the great white monkey. The villager just direct him the way and also warned him "Do not touch the great white monkey". The traveller walked towards the direction given to him when he finally bumped into a small boy and asked whether he has ever heard about the great white monkey. The boy pointed to an old small hut and he said "Do not touch the great white monkey".

When he finally reached the hut, he saw an old man sitting at door of the old hut. The traveller asked him about the great white monkey. The old man led him to the back of his hut and there he saw a huge white monkey, sleeping in a cage. Before the old man go, he warned him "Do not touch the great white monkey". By now the traveller was getting very curious and annoyed by all the same warning that he got. When he got closer to the great white monkey, he could see its long and sharp nails placing on its legs. The traveller felt a great urge to touch the great white monkey. Without thinking of the consequences, he touch the leg of the great white monkey. By doin that, he had woke up the great white monkey. The great white monkey opened its big red eyes and tried to reached for the traveller. Seeing that, the traveller ran as fast as he could. He ran passed the old man, the small boy and the lady. However, the great white monkey is still angrily chasing just right behind him and they did nothing about it. Instead, they just looked stunned as they watched him running and screaming for help. The traveller got onto the same taxi which sped up back to his hotel. When he looked back, the great white monkey was still chasing just a distance away from him.
When he reached the hotel, he rushed into the hotel and in the lift. He was panting and was telling himself "Wow, that was close". When he reached the 15th floor, he walked slowly to his room, thinking the great white monkey had lost him. To his surprised, he saw the great white monkey rushed out from the staircase exit and chased after him. The traveller sprint to his room and took out his roomcard to slide at the door. When he turned, he was too late. The great white monkey raised its huge hairy hand..........tapped him on the shoulder............. and it said
"Touch you back". HAHAHA...

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